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DivingLog Search Result (104), diver Witek STRZELECKI
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5772017-07-19 12:14IńskoPrzedszkole31.243No deco dive
5762017-05-09 13:35HurghadaGota Abu Ramada12.867No deco dive
5752017-05-09 10:46HurghadaGota Abu Ramada13.563No deco dive
5742017-05-08 13:10HurghadaShabruhr Umm Gamaar33.863No deco dive
5732017-05-08 10:40HurghadaUmm Gamaar30.460No deco dive
5722017-05-07 13:56HurghadaEl Fanadir40.765No deco dive
5712017-05-07 09:48HurghadaEl Minya31.633No deco dive
5702017-05-06 14:07HurghadaShaab Iris12.666No deco dive
5692017-05-06 10:49HurghadaShaab Iris1371No deco dive
5682017-05-05 13:56HurghadaShaab Sabina1361No deco dive
5672017-05-05 11:10HurghadaTurft El Shahed1265No deco dive
5662016-05-25 11:50Oczko Pomost MARES844No deco dive
5652015-09-19 12:09Oczko Pomost MARES13.2438No deco dive
5642015-07-05 12:08jezioro KOMORZE 12.1805.9No deco dive
5632015-06-13 12:21Oczko Pomost MARES12.3527.7No deco dive
5622015-06-06 11:11DrawskoOCTO 214511.6No deco dive
5612015-05-09 12:03Oczko Pomost MARES9.3415.2No deco dive
5602015-04-11 11:57Oczko Pomost MARES13458.5No deco dive
5592014-10-25 12:26IńskoDive Devil 15.3517.9No deco dive
5582014-10-19 12:12CzarnogłowyPlaża15.5458.5No deco dive